Network for Scholar-Practitioners in South-Asian Performing Arts


The Network for Scholar-Practitioners in South-Asian Performing Arts had its inaugural meeting on November 22, 2021, initiated by Dr. Ayla Joncheere, Prof. Dr. Heike Oberlin, and Dr. Saskia Kersenboom, attracting 22 participants from Europe, India, and the USA, predominantly women specializing in dance. The event featured interactive debates addressing the challenges faced by scholar-practitioners, particularly in bridging the gap between academic scholarship and artistic practice. Discussions delved into redefining academic disciplines to accommodate performative aspects, exploring interdisciplinary approaches, and addressing gender dynamics within the field. Key themes included the need for flexible methodologies to capture embodied knowledge, challenges in representing cultural data in academia, and the impact of evolving technologies on research practices. Looking forward, the network plans to convene a conference soon in India, aiming to further collaborative efforts and advance the discourse in South Asian performing arts scholarship. 

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