Swarabindu Tillana

Artistic Exchange between Bollylicious & The Thayir Sadam Project

Swarabindu Tillana is a collaborative project between The Thayir Sadam Project and Bollylicous Dance Collective. Thayir Sadam Project is a music group that makes South Indian traditional music popular with young people, led by the renowned violinist and composer Ambi Subramaniam. Bollylicious and Ambi Subramniam performed at the Bozar in Brussels, for an event in honor of the Indian Minister of External Affairs. Both were deeply impressed by each other's artistic work that plans were made for a collaboration. Subramaniam then composed a piece of music for Maghenta which was choreographed by the Bollylicious dancers in a mix of Indian and Western contemporary dance. The video was shot in Bangalore while on tour of Bollylicious in South India and was released on social media in February 2019. Due to success, the song was subsequently integrated into the Sitara show.

Music composition: The Thayir Sadam Project

Choreography and dance: Laura Neyskens, Sooraj Subramaniam & Julie Thomas

Text: K. Rohini Subbarathnam

Video: Panorbit

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