Creative Exchange

Maghenta shares knowledge and builds a 'bridge for exchange' between artists, scholars and the business world.

Maghenta initiates and supports national and international exchange projects that enable a multitude of voices, aesthetics and approaches in an artist-led process. This leads to cultural enrichment, long-term exchange and the broadening of perspectives.

Maghenta generates these exchanges in the form of residencies and small-scale collaborative projects with the potential to grow into long-term projects. We focus on expanding the artist's knowledge and experience, which shall in turn impact audience experiences and other artists participating in the exchange.

Maghenta considers it necessary that, in addition to the interaction in the creative sector, there is also an exchange between the artistic and academic worlds. The academic world offers theoretical expertise from research, to which artists have little access. Vice versa, artists conduct practice-oriented research, and as a result can provide insights in surprisingly, unconventional ways. Maghenta bridges the gap between these two groups by organising conferences, lecture demonstrations and debates.