Platform for
Indian inspired arts


Artistic & Academic

With Maghenta, we are an International, Contemporary platform for Indian inspired arts with its headquarters in Ghent, Belgium. Maghenta is a wordplay and combination of Magenta and Ghent. Magenta is a bright pink colour that we associate with the vibrancy of Indian arts and culture. Ghent is our hometown in Belgium, known for its creative and open minded nature, where the idea of our company was conceptualized. 

The idea of a platform came about a couple of years after we founded our own Indian dance collective, Bollylicious in 2015. When we started performing our interpretation of Indian dance forms in a European context, we noticed the lack of understanding, knowledge and usage of Indian art forms in the international and contemporary art scene. This is a pity since the multi-layered richness of traditions in Indian art forms could be truly inspiring for diverse artists around the world. 

With our organisation, we produce original Indian inspired works of our dance collective Bollylicious and our artists individually, the Open Ensemble. We stimulate creative exchange and research between artists from different regions and between cultural, academic and corporate institutions.



Open Ensemble & Dance Collective Bollylicious