49 Strings

String quartet in an unprecendeted combination of Indian instruments

49 Strings is a unique string ensemble with 4 remarkable musicians from India and Europe. Together they play a total of 49 strings: the violin, cello, sarangi and kamaicha. Within the Western concept of a Classical String Quartet, the 4 musicians inspire each other towards new musical forms. In an unprecedented blend of North Indian Ragas, South Indian Talas and Rajasthani Folk Tunes, they challenge each other in their captivating quest for acoustic beauty.

Indian cello: Saskia De Haas-Rao (New Delhi, India)
Indian violin: Ambi Subramaniam (Bangalore, India)
Kamaicha: Dara Khan Manganiyar (Hamira, India)
Sarangi: Ikhlas Khan Langa (Jodhpur, India)
Production: Maghenta
With the support of: City of Ghent, Bozar

Duration: 70 minutes

Ikhlas Khan Langa
Ambi Subramaniam
Dara Khan Manganiyar & Saskia De Haas - Rao
Dara Khan Manganiyar & Saskia De Haas - Rao
Dara Khan Maganiyar, Saskia De haas - Rao, Ikhlas Khan Langa
Ambi Subramaniam, Dara Khan Maganiyar, Ikhlas Khan Langa, Saskia De haas - Rao

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