Original Folk & Classical

For the creation of this latest production, we got inspired by the concept of Mehfil, an artistic sharing of expressive poetry, music and dance previously presented in an intimate setting of the Indian royal courtyards. This dance show is an evening full of nostalgic music, magnificent costumes and enchanting choreographies, set in a captivating Indian atmosphere.


Concept: Bollylicious
Choreography and dance: Tom Decuyper, Ayla Joncheere, Laura Neyskens, Sooraj Subramaniam en Julie Thomas
Concept scenography: Tom Decuyper
Scenography: Erik Cantryn
Lightdesign: Bram Vandenbussche, Erik Cantryn, Laura Neyskens
Music editing: Bollylicious
Costume design: Bollylicious
Costumes: Christine Regniers, Greta Lemaitre
Production: Maghenta

Content support: Ghent University (Indian Languages and Cultures)
Logistic support: Les Ballets C de la B, De Centrale, Minard 
Our thanks to: Christine Regniers, Greta Lemaitre, Sharon Neirynck
With the support of: City of Ghent, Province East-Flanders

Length: 1hour 6minutes


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