Contemporary interpretation on Odissi dance

In Pallavi, choreographer Sooraj Subramaniam explores the scope of the Odissi dance language together with 4 Indian dancers. Using contemporary methods, he breaks open this classical East Indian dance style and presents it in a new contemporary context.
In Sanskrit, the word “Pallavi” means “budding” or “blooming”. Sooraj therefore views this work as a seed that germinates and grows into a multiple ecosystem. Starting from minimalism and the simplicity of a single movement, this performance unfolds and scatters into a network of complex patterns and kaleidoscopic motifs.

Concept, choreografie: Sooraj Subramaniam 
Dance, creation: Abhayalakshmi MB, Monami Nandy, Sriradha Paul, Akshiti Roychowdhury
Music: Ambi Subramaniam 
Rythmes: Shivshankar Satpathy
STUK, Danspunt
Production: Maghenta

With the support of: City of Ghent


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