Margam, the Pathway

Classical South Indian dance (Bharata Natyam) with live music

Abstract: Margam, meaning path or way, implies the traditional format in which solo Bharatanatyam has been performed since the early-19th century. Originating in the temples of south India, Bharatanatyam uses the central theme of love where the solo performer employs highly stylised gestures and facial expressions to convey love-in-separation, devotion, anxiety and a range of other emotions. The dancer takes the audience on a journey, guiding them through rhythmic musical patterns, nuanced expressive mime, complex emotional narratives and scintillating pure dance.

Choreography and performance: Sooraj Subramaniam
Light design: Sooraj Subramaniam
Music composition: traditional music commissioned for recording with vocalist Raghuram, percussionist Lingaraju, veena player Gopal, flautist Mahesh Swamy. Recorded and mastered at Omkar Studios, Bengaluru, India.
Costume design: Sooraj Subramaniam

Content support: Nina Rajarani MBE, Yadav Yadavan, Chitra Sundaram
Logistic support: Akademi UK; Nehru Centre (Indian High Commission, UK); Harrow Arts Centre, UK

Length: 1 hour 15 minutes



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