22 - 26 November 2021 in Ghent  &  25 - 27 November 2021 in Leuven

The first edition of Indialogue consists of 2 music performances, 7 dance performances, 1 puppet theater, 4 movies, 1 parade, 1 photo exhibition and 1 India Fair.

In line with this festival formula, we offer CONTEXT through a conference, including lectures, debates, lecture demonstrations, master classes and workshops. In addition to the evening performances, the artists also participate in the conference, and they teach young artistic talent (a) in the art academy KASK Ghent and the Leuven Conservatory, (b) students of secondary schools in Leuven. We involve the business world by linking network events to cultural and cultural-educational activities.

Belgium has a growing community of Indian diaspora, in particular young intellectuals travel to our country to either study, conduct research or work in international companies bringing in their expertise.

We choose Ghent and Leuven because these cities have many similarities. Both are bustling university towns with impressive historical heritage. Both cities have an extensive network and infrastructure for cultural and academic initiatives. Moreover, UGent is the only university in Belgium with a department for Indian Languages ​​and Cultures, and KU Leuven attracts the largest group of Indian students, often for PhD or post-doctoral programs. With their rich tradition as well as artistic innovation and academic approach, Ghent and Leuven are the ideal place to host research and representation on themes such as interculturality and cultural exchange with a focus on India.


We are gradually uploading our programme below! Keep on checking our website for updates & purchase your tickets as soon as you can!