In dialogue

Contextualizing diversity in our global society through an international biennial festival and conference.

Maghenta is conceptualising a 4 days event in Ghent and Leuven where production and exchange can merge together.
With this new concept we expand Maghenta's Creation and Exchange Platform with a Presentation Platform and stimulate new collaborations between 2 similar cities.


In dialogue is a meeting place to exchange thoughts and experiences with the public, artists, academics and people from the business sector.

In dialogue Festival is a unique, biennial festival in Ghent and Leuven that helps put diversity and culture on the map. This multidisciplinary 4-days festival includes music and dance performances that stimulate a contemporary exchange between Belgium & India, but also numerous events such as business events and educational activities in primary and secondary schools and the public space.

In dialogue Conference consists of a 3-day program in Ghent. Through lectures and interactive sessions, we exchange academic and artistic insights and create new opportunities for further research and new research avenues for the development of artistic and academic work.