Performing Rajasthan - Reading Practices

Interdisciplinary conference for scholars, organisations and artists

For over 50 years, Rajasthan has seen a blooming of its performing arts both locally and globally. The art forms of India’s desert state are well-explored in academic fields, seen from the perspectives of history (“in the past”), current evolution (“in the present”), and adaptations in a global world (“g(l)o(c)bal”). However, despite there being well-intentioned engagement between organisations/institutions/NGOs and performing artist communities, and notwithstanding growing international interest and popularity, there remains a gap between theory (academic knowledge) and practice (the day-to-day execution of the arts by its current practitioners and the organisations who support them).

This conference is the first large-scale initiative to bring together performing artists, internationally renown scholars and organisations for the arts in a multi-disciplinary gathering. In this international conference, scholars from Europe, the USA, and scholars from India, either working at international universities or at Indian institutes will come together for an intensive scholarly, cultural and interdisciplinary exchange program. Over three days of intensive and interactive sessions, we aim to bridge and connect theory and practice, encourage meaningful exchange, and create new opportunities for further research and artist development. We also aim to promote conscientious documenting and safeguarding, deeper understanding, and intelligent re-creating of the arts of Rajasthan for posterity.


Richard Williams
Ayla Joncheere
Gafur Khan
Georgie Pope
Lecture Demonstration
Kutle Khan
Kuldeep Kothari

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